Product Registration

  • This registration is mandatory for warranty and after sales service.
  • Please enter the code supplied with the product & enter proper details.
  • Any wrong information shall lead to warranty & service issue.
  • Please keep the conformation email you will receive in response to this registration saved for future reference for any complaint service of the products

Terms & Condition

  • Warranty period shall be from the date of invoice till the term period mentioned on the warranty card and e-mail conformation from our side after this registration.
  • By registering the product you unanimously confirm and agree to the terms and conditions, return policy, refund policy mentioned herein and on the website
  • You unanimously agree to the detailed warranty terms as mentioned on our website which directs towards the classification mentioned on the warranty & registration card and the conformation e-mail post this registration.
  • It is the buyers duty to keep the information about this registration and conformation e-mail handy at all types of communication for verification of the same, failing which Gloslate, , our staff or counterparts can deny service or information. Any product which cannot be verified shall be deemed as out of warranty and shall attract paid service (if any). The decision remains with GLOSLATE, , our staff or counterparts and it shall be deemed as final.
  • Any mode of purchase Online or Offline has to be registered and shall agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned above & on the website
  • To go through the terms and condition please visit
  • To go through the warranty terms and condition please visit
  • To go through the return policy please visit
  • To go through the Refund policy please visit

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