Cloud Solutions for Led Screens

Salient Features:

  • Fast management anytime anywhere.
  • No geographical barrier.
  • No need to install software (completely web based operation).
  • Breakpoint resume system.
  • Multilevel permissions management, multiple approval system.
  • Economic as no need to build own network.

Repairing Old Led systems

We at Gloslate are equipped with expertise in almost every LED Display Systems made by any manufacturer. If you have issues with your existing LED Display system, even if it is not supplied by GLOSLATE, we would still go ahead and try resolving the problem for you. We charge a very nominal cost and give genuine reports of the LED Setup post step by step diagnostics which also includes primary probes on call or email, which is FREE of cost. Once we rule out the problem and whether we can resolve it for you, only then we charge for our services.

Upgrading old Led systems to technically new ones

A few years ago all text signs were on primitive programming systems such as RS232 or com port input and cascading screens (Medium or Large Video Walls)were only made Using “Synchronous” systems as “Asynchronous” systems did not support cascading cabinets due to lack of sending & receiving card set up. Synchronous systems required continuous live input via computer or other input devices. We help convert these single color systems into stand alone latest input system or cascading systems into “Asynchronous” systems to remove the hassles of live Inputs which is unnecessary in fixed content field.


  • Cheaper solutions as our expert team verifies the compatible parts from the old ones.
  • Economical & fast as it reduces extra hardware and man power to maintain.
  • Upgrade of any compatible systems to the latest which includes cloud solutions.
  • Upgrade of single color systems from RS232 to USB, LAN or WIFI, even cloud.

On call service support

At Gloslate we continuously train our team to the latest softwares used in our products. This enables us to give software related support or training about how to use the software to get the desired content uploaded to the supplied products.
We also offer repairing services for systems which may or may not be supplied by Gloslate. Such services have step by step diagnosis of the system to find the issue and take the necessary steps to resolution. The first step is always on call probe to find more about the existing system and problems with the same. Our team checks if the system is within our scope and offer resolution on calls if possible without physical inspection. This saves the clients money for onsite visit. We are determined to give the best possible service to all.

Remote access service support

Our team at Gloslate offers a variety of service modules, one of them is ONLINE SERVICE SUPPORT, which enables us to :

  • Software related settings in real time.
  • Use of ANYDESK or TEAMVIEWER gives remote access to the clients computer and LED Display settings.
  • Internal card setups, firmware upgrades (if needed) and new machine setups are easily taken care of.
  • No geographical barrier so no wait for days to get the settings done.
  • Only a good internet connectivity required.
  • No external hardware apart from screen connectivity.
  • Strict Data privacy policy, if any personal folder or file access reported with proof, it will be taken as serious integrity violation and strict actions shall be taken, please refer to privacy policy for more information.
  • Fast, reliable and easy.

On site support

Gloslate has Onsite service support for products under ONSITE Warranty Terms or Out of warranty (onsite only) & for systems which needs onsite support supplied by other vendors (if approached).
  • Specialized team for Onsite Support
  • Safety measures are priority at all times.
  • Basic repairs done on primary inspection within the visit charge (if any) spare parts not included.
  • Nominal cost & proper resolution is priority.
  • Equal service policies for all kinds of display under ONSITE Service irrespective of size or cost.
  • First come first served based service ETA.

On site consultancy for Led requirements

Many times clients do need a site recce and are uncertain of their LED Display requirements. This is where we step in and do site recce and give our inputs as per our knowledge and experience.
  • Free or paid site recce as per geographic location.
  • Expert advice with clients prospect and best interest.
  • Open and straight forward inputs, if there is no need of our product we would directly let the client know.
  • Saves clients from the hassles of resolving wrong placements of units, size or wrong investments on display types.
  • Detailed report on electrical connections and other structural requirements prior to even placing the order.

R & D for complex requirements

Many times clients requirements is out of the regular system or the structure where the display is to be installed requires special modifications in the LED Display to fit in and give the best result. We at Gloslate give priority to fitting systems as per easy after sales service access.
  • Front or back service options as per site.
  • Seamless Angular or curved shape to fit in the place to give the right visible result.
  • R & D as per clients needs (if under scope).
  • Customization of led display body without compromising on technical aspects for smooth operation.
  • Continuous upgrade in technology to meet the demands of the client.
  • Economical and reasonable.